Caregiving as a Parent


On this episode of Campfires Of Hope: Living Beyond Cancer we welcome Epic Experience founder and caregiver Nancy Ferro and Leanne Blackburn. These two woman will share their experience of what it was like to care for their adult child who was diagnosed with cancer. They discuss topics such as self care, anxiety, fears and successes through their cancer experience. 

Dating & Cancer


On this podcast of Campfires Of Hope: Living Beyond Cancer we will be discussing Dating & Cancer. Our guests for this episode are cancer thrivers Michael Ferro and Carly Weingart. We will discuss their cancer diagnosis and how they have navigated dating before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.  Our guests will share their initial cancer diagnosis experience, hardships of …

Living Beyond Stage 4 Cancer


On this podcast of Campfires Of Hope: Living Beyond Cancer, we will be talking with stage 4 cancer survivors & thrivers about their diagnosis and how they live beyond their terminal cancer diagnosis. We will be speaking with lung cancer thriver Hazel, thymic carcinoma thriver Louis and metastatic breast cancer thriver Paige. Our guests will share their initial cancer diagnosis experience, …


Jay Campers, Guests, Partners

By Trevor Maxwell I’ve been living with stage IV colon cancer since March of 2018. Before that time, I was cruising along as a husband, father, and independent business owner. I was 41 years old and never imagined cancer would knock on the door. Then, in what seemed like an instant, I found myself in a new world of scans, …

Living With Non Hodgkin Lymphoma


Featured Guests: Cancer Thrivers Kelli Medina and Matt Palmer On this episode of Campfires Of Hope we will joined by Non Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer thrivers Kelli Medina and Matt Palmer. Our guests will share their initial cancer diagnosis experience, life after treatment and address a variety of survivorship topics that have empowered them to live beyond cancer. 

Fertility And Cancer


Featured Guest: Fertility Expert Dr Laxmi Kondapalli Fertility is a topic that impacts many young adult and adult cancer survivors and thrivers. Dr. Laxmi Kondapalli is an award-winning, board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at CCRM Fertility in Colorado. Dr. Kondapalli studies the long-term consequences of cancer therapy on ovarian function and fertility, with a particular focus on improving fertility preservation options for cancer …

Epic Experience Programs: Empowering The Adult Cancer Community


Featured Guest: Colin Ferro – Epic Experience Director of Operations  Are you new to the Epic Experience family? Are you wondering what Epic Experience is all about? Join Epic Experience Director Of Operations, Colin Ferro as he shares the past, present and future of Epic Experience and the programs they provide to empower the adult cancer community. 

A Gen Z Cancer Experience

Jay Campers, Volunteers

Cancer has affected my life both negatively and positively. It was the darkest and scariest year of my life but also one of the most important.  I was diagnosed right before my sophomore year of college. I had just made a really great group of friends and was excited to be in college. The world was my oyster, as they …