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Caregivers and volunteers are integral parts in the support system of those who have cancer. Many are family members, some are friends and neighbors, but a few are complete strangers who have been called to make a difference in someone else's life. 

If you are looking to volunteer with cancer patients, we hope you would consider working with Epic Experience.

Epic Experience is a not-for-profit camp for cancer "thrivers" over the age of 18. We bring them to the scenic mountains of Colorado, all expenses paid. There, we set up activities that challenge them physically, connect them with other survivors, and allow them to talk openly about feelings of fear and worry within a community of people who understand.

By the end of every camp, we hope to send campers home with a renewed sense of hope and with new insights that will empower them to live and thrive beyond cancer.

As a volunteer, you will help us create safe, memorable experiences for campers. You will be working with other volunteers, some of them former campers themselves. 

How You Can be of Help as a Volunteer

If you decide to volunteer to help cancer patients and "thrivers," you will be joining the rest of the team at camps, either as a camp volunteer or a medical volunteer. You may also choose to become one of our partners.

Camp Volunteer 

As a camp volunteer, you will make sure everything the campers need is taken care of. You will help with the planning, cooking, and cleaning up. You will help make sure that campers get the best care throughout their Epic Experience.

Medical Volunteer 

As a medical volunteer, you will attend to the campers' immediate medical needs. Epic Experience creates a safe experience for individuals who have been through or are going through cancer, and your role will be fundamental in helping us fulfill this mission.

What You Can Expect as an Epic Experience Volunteer

There’s not much downtime for volunteers. You will be busy before the campers even arrive at the lodge each day. You may be asked to assist in the kitchen with meal prep and cleanup, to facilitate games such as corn hole, or to assist with activities like horseback riding, snow shoeing, or white-water rafting. 

You will also participate in daily small groups and campfire. You may help lead the discussions, which may mean sharing your own cancer story.

Give Hope, Receive Hope in Return

As a volunteer, you will help campers live in the present moment and create memories. You will help empower them to live a life beyond cancer. As a volunteer, your primary duty is to support the campers. When you leave, however, you’ll find that they have helped you as much as you helped them. 

If you're interested to do volunteer work for cancer patients or to become an Epic Experience partner, please send an email to info@epicexperience.org.