Word of Thanks With Kyle Clark

Cancer doesn’t stop affecting someone’s life when treatment ends. Survivors don’t always get to ring a bell and say “Adios” to the enemy that uprooted life as they knew it. The physical, mental, and emotional side effects often continue long after, forever changing relationships, hobbies, social life, work, and well-being.

Epic Experience was founded to meet survivors in this sometimes lonely and hopeless place, to show them they are not alone, and to empower them to live beyond cancer. Click below to donate to Epic Experience.   

We've gone virtual! 

 We hope that during this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic you join us for our virtual programs. We will continue to live beyond cancer with Epic Experience Family. Check out our events schedule here.

Life Beyond Cancer: Camp for Cancer Survivors

Cancer is different for everyone. For some, it's a battle; for others, it's a long journey. But for many, it’s neither -- cancer is simply life, raised to the nth power.

Epic Experience helps cancer patients and survivors live an empowered life through week-long outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Our not-for-profit camps for cancer patients allow attendees to participate in activities, such as whitewater adventures in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. These camps for adults with cancer provide more than adventure therapy – they give hope that those who have been diagnosed with the illness can live a positive post-cancer life.