Core Values

of Epic Experience

We hold eight different values that define an Epic Experience:

ADVENTURE: Introduce adult cancer survivors to outdoor adventure activities that will serve to encourage them to live life to its full potential. Fear or depression should no longer define them. By crossing boundaries, we hope to inspire a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life.

COMMUNITY: Provide a sense of community so that after the experience has ended, the campers will know that they will have a larger support system. Campers will have created relationships with other participants and staff. Additionally, the caregivers of cancer survivors will have a larger support system, as well.

HOPE: Commit to instilling hope beyond cancer. Participants will be able to share stories with other campers and will, in turn, have more hope for themselves.

GROWTH: Provide the necessary tools for survivors to encourage and empower other survivors’ lives. Become the spark that starts the fire in a survivor’s life.

WELLNESS: Promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Promote physical and emotional well being, as well as a sense of balance, for individuals who have been affected by cancer.

STORY: Teach participants that life exists outside of cancer. The battle is only a part of their larger story of life. Encourage survivors and their caregivers to write their own stories.

SURVIVORSHIP: Empower the story of survivorship. Encourage cancer survivors and their caregivers that they can live beyond the medical condition.

PARTNERSHIP: Partner with other organizations across the U.S. to promote Epic Experience and create relationships with key players in the medical and volunteer fields.