What difference can a dog make in someone’s life?

Jay Staff, Volunteers

We met Jessex in 2010 when he was an eight-week-old puppy. He was the seventh dog we had raised for Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that trains service dogs to be the ears, hands, legs, and best friends of people in need. When you start training a puppy, you never know if he will “graduate” to live a life …

How Experiences with Cancer Thrivers Changed my Perspective

Jay Staff

I will never forget my college experience, but that is for very different reasons than most college students. It was not because of the endless parties, staying up all night, or enjoying my independence. It was because during my junior year, I was with my older brother when he heard the words, “You have cancer.”

Isolation or Blessing?

Jay Campers

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Stay-at-home. Shelter-in-place. Quarantine. These are terms that most of us have either never heard of or ever believed would directly impact us. Yet, these are now the daily “terms” of our lives.  The global pandemic has forced whole countries to isolate themselves from other countries. Within our own country, each state has made its own “isolated” decisions on …

Fiddler’s Green

Jay Campers, Volunteers

“To young men contemplating a voyage I would say ‘Go.’” Captain Joshua Slocum, 1st solo circumnavigator I wonder what old Josh would say to one who found himself thrust into a voyage without time for prior contemplation? Or to the one on a voyage that would continue for a lifetime? I suppose that growing up at a lighthouse on the …

Epic Experience Campers

Corporate Partnerships Offer Great Volunteer Opportunities

Jay Partners

I had an extraordinary opportunity of participating at camp EPIC Experience! There were four main reasons why my time at EPIC Experience was one of the best events I have ever participated in at Eisai. Using EPIC as an acronym, here’s is why my experience was so memorable: EnvironmentThe camp is situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado just outside …

volunteering at camp

On the Other Side – Volunteering at Camp

Jay Campers, Volunteers

I was fortunate enough to be an Epic Experience camper in the June 2018 group fondly known as Big Girl Panties, as in pull them up and get on with your life. I had an incredible time; came to understand, respect, and love the new me (my after-cancer-treatment self); and made lifelong new besties. Camp was inspirational, motivational, and eye-opening, …

Cross Country Skiing at Epic Experience

Non Profits Working Together

Jay Partners

My name is Jim Myers and I am so grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation. I am 27 years old and have had two operations, radiation and chemotherapy to treat brain cancer. I was selected to participate in the “Epic Experience” camp in Denver, CO but I did not have the financial …

What’s it Like to Volunteer at Epic Experience?

Jay Volunteers

I was a camper at the 7W Ranch in January of 2017 and returned in February of 2019 as a volunteer. It was surreal going back to Epic after what was a life- changing visit as a camper. As everyone poured into the lodge on Sunday evening, I could feel a lot of nervous tension. I’m sure the campers were …

Yard Sale

Jay Campers, Volunteers

I found out about Epic Experience through a magazine article in my oncologist’s office. After reading how Epic claimed to help adult cancer patients learn to “live beyond cancer,” I stole the magazine (I actually told my doctor I was taking it) and applied for camp. I was thrilled to be accepted as a camper in the summer of 2018. …

What is Palliative Care?

Jay Guests, Volunteers

Although palliative care has been around for decades, many people have either never heard of it before or couldn’t really say what it is. To be honest, many of the medical providers that I work with have a hard time explaining just what palliative care means for their patients. We in the business describe palliative care as an extra level …