Fertility And Cancer


Featured Guest: Fertility Expert Dr Laxmi Kondapalli Fertility is a topic that impacts many young adult and adult cancer survivors and thrivers. Dr. Laxmi Kondapalli is an award-winning, board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at CCRM Fertility in Colorado. Dr. Kondapalli studies the long-term consequences of cancer therapy on ovarian function and fertility, with a particular focus on improving fertility preservation options for cancer …

Epic Experience Programs: Empowering The Adult Cancer Community


Featured Guest: Colin Ferro – Epic Experience Director of Operations  Are you new to the Epic Experience family? Are you wondering what Epic Experience is all about? Join Epic Experience Director Of Operations, Colin Ferro as he shares the past, present and future of Epic Experience and the programs they provide to empower the adult cancer community. 

A Gen Z Cancer Experience

Jay Campers, Volunteers

Cancer has affected my life both negatively and positively. It was the darkest and scariest year of my life but also one of the most important.  I was diagnosed right before my sophomore year of college. I had just made a really great group of friends and was excited to be in college. The world was my oyster, as they …

Beyond Cancer Series

Jay Campers, Guests, Volunteers

The Beyond Cancer Series started in October 2018 as the Epic Experience Education Series. The goal was to maintain a sense of community among Epic Experience alumni, family, caregivers, and friends, while also providing information and resources surrounding a variety of topics related to living beyond cancer, everything from professional development to mental health. The series was also launched as …

What difference can a dog make in someone’s life?

Jay Staff, Volunteers

We met Jessex in 2010 when he was an eight-week-old puppy. He was the seventh dog we had raised for Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that trains service dogs to be the ears, hands, legs, and best friends of people in need. When you start training a puppy, you never know if he will “graduate” to live a life …

How Experiences with Cancer Thrivers Changed my Perspective

Jay Staff

I will never forget my college experience, but that is for very different reasons than most college students. It was not because of the endless parties, staying up all night, or enjoying my independence. It was because during my junior year, I was with my older brother when he heard the words, “You have cancer.”

Isolation or Blessing?

Jay Campers

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Stay-at-home. Shelter-in-place. Quarantine. These are terms that most of us have either never heard of or ever believed would directly impact us. Yet, these are now the daily “terms” of our lives.  The global pandemic has forced whole countries to isolate themselves from other countries. Within our own country, each state has made its own “isolated” decisions on …

Fiddler’s Green

Jay Campers, Volunteers

“To young men contemplating a voyage I would say ‘Go.’” Captain Joshua Slocum, 1st solo circumnavigator I wonder what old Josh would say to one who found himself thrust into a voyage without time for prior contemplation? Or to the one on a voyage that would continue for a lifetime? I suppose that growing up at a lighthouse on the …