“When I is Replaced by We, Illness Becomes Wellness!”

This quote by Malcolm X represents literally what I believe in! Togetherness is a key factor when it comes to well-being. Togetherness and the healing power of nature are exactly the two elements Epic Experience provides to cancer survivors, fighters, and thrivers.

Ironman Boulder 2017

In the aftermath of all of the soreness, hobbling around, and celebrating a job well done with photos, phone calls, and text messages, I’m finally sitting down to reflect on my first Ironman. 🙂

Give First and Give Often

This is my mantra and one that many of my closest friends, clients, and family live by. When we put our community first, great returns come to us in blessed ways.

The Epic Journey Continues

I first heard about Epic Experience from a good friend, Bobcat, who had attended a winter camp in 2016. She had so many positive things to say about her adventure and recommended that I apply, so I did.