Something EPIC

When Nancy asked me to write a blog post about my week with Epic I was honored, and a little nervous to be honest. I am not a writer, but I wanted to be able to truly express the experience I had at camp. So, here goes…..

Upon arrival at the airport I was greeted by friendly staff (some of them former campers) whom I immediately formed a connection. When introduced to the other campers I knew all my feelings of wonder and thoughts of the unknown adventure ahead of us did not go unshared. “These are my people” I thought to myself.

We were offered snacks and drinks before getting on the road to start our fun filled week. In the car we started the process of getting to know each other, finding out things we had in common, and how we differed. The comradery began.

Stopping for lunch we discussed the fact that none of us campers knew what the week had in store. At Epic they like to keep things hush hush, and for good reason. I still have the echoing of one of my fellow campers screams of pure joy when she realized what we would be doing that day. Just one of the many awesome activities we shared together.

Let me set the stage for my week with Epic… It was a snowy night, and as we pulled up the drive to the lodge I see it dripping in Christmas lights. I squeaked with glee, a faint assurance of what the week would be. I had no idea the wonders waiting inside. The lodge and property is something straight out of a magazine. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the remaining staff and volunteers.

We settled in, my little cabin toasty warm from the fire. My roommate a perfect fit for me. We had so much to talk about there was never a dull moment. In fact that was the whole week, never a dull moment. The people, the place we were, the things we did together, the moments we shared, were all magical, every second of it.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the trip I cannot share, like I said a part of the Epic Experience is to be surprised. I can tell you that what we did was bucket list type stuff. I crossed off more than one item on my bucket list while with Epic. I will tell you my week with Epic changed my life. I did things I didn’t know I could do. Proving to myself that I am still alive!

I am so grateful to have had this time with what I know feel is my Epic family.

Thank you for reading, and I hope your life is filled with wonderful moments like these.

-April aka Kittysox