Skratch Fuel for Cancer Thrivers!

What to cook for cancer survivors, staff and volunteers at an Epic Experience camp? We were looking for a healthy source of hydration for keeping our Cancer Thrivers that travel to the high altitude of Colorado from across the US and Canada and our friends at Polar Bottles introduced us to Skratch Labs. Skratch Labs generously donated hydration packets and delicious cookie mix to help our campers prepare for an active week of outdoor adventures.

Another generous donation Epic Experience received was The Feed Zone cookbook. The recipes in the cookbook were easy to follow and easy to expand to cooking for 15-20 hungry people. One of the first things I noticed were the ingredients were ones easily found in the grocery store or at Costco. The recipes made sense and it helped to read on the science of food, when to eat and what helps the body during activities.

Some of the days we have to leave the ranch early to go do our activities so in the past we have done a quick breakfast of bagels fruit and yogurt, but thanks to the inspiration of the Skratch Labs cookbook we made their Sweet Potato and Egg Breakfast Burritos and they were a hit! We premade the burritos the night before so that in the morning we could just throw them in the oven to heat and serve. This gave campers time to come in grab their burrito and still have time to enjoy the conversation of other adults that understand the struggles of cancer.

Many other meals that we cooked throughout the week were inspired by The Feed Zone cookbook. Another great aspect of this cookbook is that it gives you great nutritional information as well as a index for food allergies or intolerances on each recipe. It was great to see how our campers discuss how when they go home they want to try and create some of the meals they enjoyed during the week thanks to a great cookbook!

Epic Experience is an outdoor adventure camp for adult cancer survivors in the Colorado Rockies. During the winter we cross country ski and snow show and summer is learning to white water kayak. We take adults with all stages of cancer and encourage them to live beyond cancer.

Thank you Skratch Labs for helping us feed our Cancer Thrivers.

Nancy Ferro aka Mama Lou