Anyone over the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with cancer. It does not matter how long it has been or how recent your diagnosis is.

Your doctor must complete the official Epic Experience medical form and return it to us via fax from your doctor’s office for review by our medical team.

Unfortunately, no. We want as many survivors as possible to attend. Please join us for one adventure-filled week and then stay connected through regional get-togethers and other activities.

From the time we pick you up until we drop you off, the program is free.  We ask that you pay for your own travel if you are able to.

If you are not able to pay for you travel and  were diagnosed with cancer between the age of 16 and 30 (even if you’re now over 30), you may be eligible for the camp travel program through The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation.

If you are not eligible for the Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation program, we ask that you fundraise to cover your travel expenses.

At this time thrivers from Europe must pay for their own travel to Denver, Colorado.

We keep you very busy from the time you get to camp.  If you are interested in exploring beyond this, you may want to extend your stay in the area.

Yes! Although we don’t offer accommodations prior or after camp dates, many participants decide to come in early or stay late. While coming in early or late is totally fine, we only offer airport-to-camp transportation on the first and last days of camp.

If you decide to stay late, you can drive back to Denver with us and then arrange for your own travel arrangements.

If you cancel for nonmedical reasons within 30 days of your first day of camp, there will be a $250 fee plus the cost of your airfare.  We try to accept as many thrivers as possible, and with an extensive waiting list we want to fill each camp.