The older i get the more it takes me to step out of my comfort zone. it’s hard enough to step out for an hour or two, an evening or even a day..but for a WEEK? it seemed impossible. but, i do like to push myself into that uncomfortable zone from time to time and it has always payed off in ways much greater than i could have anticipated.
and sometimes cancer pays off too. spending time at ‘cancer camp’ is a gift that we survivors get to experience. it’s a chance to grow, learn, try new things and truly ‘get away from it all’ especially the physical and emotional frustrations and limitations that cancer often brings..(the journey never truly ends when treatment does.)

i started the week hesitant and anxious scared out of my mind to leave the comfort of my life and ended the week holding a candle in a dark room and reminiscing about a week extremely well-lived with a group of new friends and a wealth of memories.

i am so lucky to have been given the chance to attend this camp (there were a few last minute cancellations) at a time in my life when i most needed the adventure and the connections with people who truly understand the changes that surviving cancer creates both physically and mentally.

…just like the lyrics of one of my favorite songs…we are truly ‘better off for all that we let in.’

mama lou, wingman, crazy, nurse jackie, baubcat, zoom, critter, bright, princess, honey, MC, skrat–my life is much richer for having spent a week getting to know each of you! (i’m already looking forward to our reunion!)

thank you EPIC EXPERIENCE for this very special and life changing journey! (check out the link–our group is the image on the main page!) and if you or someone you know are a cancer survivor, regardless of age, please sign up (spots fill early so get on it!) for an adventure to last a lifetime!