Hosting a Fundraiser is like Riding a Roller Coaster

As I settle down after this incredible epic weekend, I’ve decided that hosting a fundraiser is much like riding a roller coaster. Imagine a new coaster at Elitches, with bigger, faster, stomach-tightening rides…That’s the one we choose! The committee plans diligently as the coaster heads up for the first drop. Smiles, gleeful cheers, encouraging fist pumps rally us to the top. “THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST HEARTS AND HOPE EVER!” Inching closer and closer to the crest the air becomes still and teeth are clenched with almost overwhelming worry… Will anyone show up? Are there enough donations? Will we rise any money???? Then WHOOSH! We are coursing down the hills as guests arrive, campers arrive, photos, hugs, cheers, more hugs, cocktails! It is a flurry of activity as we welcome old friends and new. Our committee members are having fun just riding along when up ahead comes a turn we didn’t expect. An upside down hanging-by-the seat-of-your-pants loop de loop. Our guest speakers, Chris Draft and Kamille Bauer reveal what brought them to Epic and we are reassured by their words and our passion for cancer survivorship. The response to the special appeal is the moment when our emotions shoot through the roof. The incredible giving that took place left us speechless with tears of joy. Through the extraordinary generosity of the individuals in that ballroom and all our donors and sponsors, $82,000 was raised in TEN MINUTES. That is on top of what was raised in the silent and live auctions. That’s enough to host three Epic camps this summer!
Thank you!!!

-Jen Tucker aka Shady